Why brands are embracing content marketing [Infographic]

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Why should brands turn to content marketing? What makes branded content more appealing to consumers than traditional advertising? Are marketing budgets growing? These answers, and many more, are answered in this data-heavy infographic from Marketo.

Content marketing continues to be a growing trend for brands and marketers looking to engage consumers in a more meaningful way. It can be overwhelming to parse how content marketing is being used and what tactics best for a brand’s vision. But sometimes a graphic comes along to lay out the stats and analysis perfect for bookmarking.

Several interesting numbers jumped out at us:

- 51% of content marketing budgets are increasing spending over the next 12 months

- Non-blogging social media (79%), article posting (78%), and in-person events (62%) are some of the most popular ways to distribute content marketing material

- 36% of content marketers said the biggest challenge they face today is producing engaging content

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Sabaa Quao
I am a career entrepreneur, business strategist, and creative director with a passion for emerging platforms in the digital media and marketing space. I believe that creativity is the most valuable resource on the planet. As president and founder of /newsrooms, I am responsible for strategic and creative teams that generate social media content and marketing conversion for companies intent on leading in their business categories.
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