Why real-time marketing
will be essential as social analytics improve

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Sabaa Quao

A new report from eMarketer stresses the need for real-time marketing, across various industries. The report says Cisco, Dell, Discovery Communications, H&R Block, McDonald’s, SAP, Sprint Nextel “are rapidly creating content that drives more response and engagement, making on-the-fly changes to marketing plans and developing marketing initiatives around topics and events that are trending on social media.”

Clearly this is not about pumping out clever one-liners and one-offs. This is about quickly building “campaigns” that not only take advantage of a “moment” but that also meet traditional, integrated marketing objectives. Can these real-time campaigns prove their value in drawing in key influencers or new customers and delivering this flash of audience through a recognizable sales and marketing funnel?

“The brands that listen in real time and take advantage of that information to either readjust their campaigns or respond to commentary or customer service issues are the brands that are being successful in social,” said Gordon Evans, Salesforce.com’s vice president of product marketing for the Salesforce Marketing Cloud, as noted by eMarketer.

The survey reports 53 percent of marketers said they plan to make greater use of real-time data in 2013.

However, according to 41 percent of the respondents in the survey, one of the factors hindering the pace of real-time content and marketing effectiveness is a lack of social media tracking capability and analytics.

Can your quant and analytics team respond in real-time? How fast can they deliver relevant campaign insights to the creative team? Are the tools adequate, with social data being collected and sorted with different tools that are still at a nascent stage of development? Agency organizational structure and supporting tools have yet to match the speed of social media.

Despite the challenges many brands face in embracing social media campaigns and real-time marketing, the companies savvy enough to implement these initiatives will reap the rewards. Those that ignore this burgeoning trend are going to be left in the dust by their competitors, one quick and small campaign at a time.

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Sabaa Quao
I am a career entrepreneur, business strategist, and creative director with a passion for emerging platforms in the digital media and marketing space. I believe that creativity is the most valuable resource on the planet. As president and founder of /newsrooms, I am responsible for strategic and creative teams that generate social media content and marketing conversion for companies intent on leading in their business categories.
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