Brand Newsrooms: Covering Events like Breaking News

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brand newsrooms live event coverage

What happens when major news breaks? Journalists are there to get the details. That’s exactly what we do for companies with brand newsrooms.

Whether it’s a product announcement or industry event, /newsrooms deploys journalists, creative producers, photographers, videographers and analysts live on the scene to produce content in real-time on social media.

Brand newsrooms are a big part of our continuous marketing strategy.

Creating a Newsroom Around KPMG in Canada at STORE

KPMG in Canada made its presence known at the largest retail conference in the country: STORE 2014. The /newsrooms live event coverage team was there to highlight the most talked about trends and capture exciting moments on the ground on behalf of @KPMG_Canada.

Retail Council of Canada’s STORE conference attracted over 1,200 leaders in the industry with an agenda that included informative sessions, workshops and networking opportunities.

From CEOs and global marketing directors to futurists and TV hosts, the dynamic range of speakers generated important discussions about where the future of retail is heading.

The Coverage Plan

The planning and research stages were key in establishing the core themes and recognizing the top influencers who would later shape the narrative on KPMG in Canada’s social channels.

We knew we wanted to focus content on issues of cyber security, costs and risks, retail across generations, mobile and social media.

Then, once we finalized the types content we wanted to produce across the social media channels, we got to work, prepping our live event coverage team, which included a producer, managing editor, writer, photographer and videographer.

Live Event Coverage

The /newsrooms team captured #STORE2014 with live event coverage of the sessions and on-the-ground news. Using a photojournalistic approach, /newsrooms reported on key moments from speakers, retail innovations and demographic trends adding valuable insight instantly for KPMG in Canada brand newsroom.

Focus was placed on highlighting KPMG executives like Willy Kruh leading up to and during his panel discussion on The Future of Retail. Kruh, along with Facebook Canada’s Steve Irvin and Google Canada’s Sam Sebastian, presented key insights on the mobile consumer and how to leverage big data and analytics.
A segment of tweets were published to establish KPMG in Canada’s presence at #STORE2014 and encouraged followers to visit the booth in person.

What Does a Brand Newsroom Accomplish?

For #STORE2014, /newsrooms created videos for KPMG in Canada, several of which were organized, shot and edited in real-time at the event for the brand newsroom. Over the two days of the conference, /newsrooms also captured journalistic-style photos capturing the excitement and feel of #STORE2014.

Our real-time, photojournalistic approach at STORE 2014 amplified KPMG in Canada’s presence at the biggest retail conference event in the country.

KPMG in Canada dominated share of voice among all other platinum sponsors at #STORE2014 in the social conversation, which resulted in deepening its status as a leader in consumer market strategy.

This post is part our 21 Days of Continuous Marketing series.

Photo credit: Christopher Wadsworth

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