Live Event Coverage: How To Cover Live Events on Social Media

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Leigh Doyle Setting Up Live Event CoverageLive event coverage isn’t just about showing up at an event and live tweeting.

It generally starts weeks before an event and continues running even after all the folding chairs have been collapsed and stacked in the storage closet.


For the last two years, GoToMeeting in Canada has collaborated with /newsrooms to power the newsroom of meshcon — a two-day Canadian event that brings together innovative thinkers in marketing, media, society and business. That means /newsrooms deploys a live event coverage team to capture the excitement, key insights and stories of the event—much like a news team would—and publishes the content on GoToMeeting Canada’s newsroom and Twitter accounts.

Live event coverage is an important component of /newsrooms’ continuous marketing strategy.

What Are The Key Takeaways of Live Event Coverage?

With our live event coverage complete, we learned that highly engaged social media audiences looked for two key types of information:

  1. Practical information, like the agenda, so they could see what was happening next.
  2. Details that enhance the conference experience. For example, during sessions when a speaker mentioned a blog or news article, the /newsrooms team would share social media posts about it in almost real time.

This post is part our 21 Days of Continuous Marketing series.

Photo credit: Christopher Wadsworth

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Leigh Doyle

Leigh Doyle

Managing Editor at /newsrooms
I always wanted to be a writer. To tell stories. Share ideas. For over 10 years, I worked as a journalist with national trade, business and lifestyle publications as well as a content creator for brands in the financial services, healthcare and lifestyle industries. Now, as a managing editor at /newsrooms, I work with teams to craft dynamic stories not only with words, but also with photos, images, video and social media.
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