Injecting Experts into the LNG in BC Social Discussion

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LNG in BC/newsrooms covered the LNG in BC conference, where more than 1,000 delegates – including top government officials, liquefied natural gas proponents, community leaders, and economists – discussed the shaping of the LNG industry in the province.

Our editorial team used live reporting, photography and video to prominently position KPMG in Canada in the LNG in BC discussion.

/newsrooms’ Industry Expertise

LNG can be a contentious issue and /newsrooms’ network of subject matter experts was vital to covering an event and topic that has multiple layers of complexity and factors in-play.

Switching to natural gas to power electricity grids has the potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and pollutants, which has prompted many growing and developed economies to switch from oil and coal to the cleaner-burning fuel.

Several jurisdictions, notably Australia, Qatar and Nigeria have already started producing LNG and have plans to boost output significantly.

The U.S. is refitting some of its pipeline infrastructure to handle LNG exports. This puts pressure on policymakers in British Columbia to establish a fiscal and regulatory framework that will allow LNG proponents including oil and gas majors Shell, Chevron, and China’s CNOOC to commit to Canadian LNG projects.
Some environmentalists oppose LNG in BC projects because production is a very energy-intensive process. Others warn of economic disruption that LNG projects, which can cost up to $50 billion, can inflict on smaller communities.

All points of view were aired at LNG in BC, and /newsrooms was there to ensure that major industry developments, thought leadership and insights were captured and then published continuously live at the event.

LNG in BC Coverage

Live coverage drove the majority of activity. Coverage included interviewing key government and industry officials, KPMG partner Mary Hemmingsen and other event participants. We also published editorial, photography and video to a custom-made social media landing page.

The density of coverage and /newsrooms’ ability to quickly package and publish content at the event that was relevant to the audience allowed @KPMG_Canada to dominate share of voice in the entire social media discussion on LNG.

This post is part our 21 Days of Continuous Marketing series.

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Robert Delaney

Robert Delaney

Robert Delaney is VP Managing Editor at /newsrooms. He has worked for financial news networks including Bloomberg News and Dow Jones in Asia and North America. He has also done graduate research in communications and international relations. Robert is a big fan of all of the folks at /newsrooms, who have helped him understand how to apply the standards of academic research and financial news to social media.
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