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/newsrooms’ story meetings are intense discussions. Everyone has to show up prepared. This is where subject matter expertise collides with data, which then must co-exist under the umbrella of a creative, organizing idea.

The process is very similar to what you would encounter if you got access to an editorial meeting at the BBC, Bloomberg, or the New York Times.

In my previous role at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), story meetings focused on events with consequences, the audience and the resources to bring those stories to platforms on the network. Story meetings at /newsrooms are more encompassing. Data plays a much more important role in understanding what audiences are interested in. And creativity is essential in breaking through the sheer immensity of the conversations on social media.

But there are core journalism skills that make a big difference in social media content marketing. Stories are more important than mere information. Guiding people through complicated subjects builds audiences. And the subject matter expertise gained from covering thousands of stories over long periods of time hones an instinct to be able to focus on what matters. Lastly, timeliness is even more important in social media. Having a breaking news mindset is critical to connecting with that audience.

We wanted to give you a glimpse into the story meeting for one of our clients, PTC. Boston-based PTC is transforming the Internet of Things (IoT) with their technology, thought leadership and collaborations.

Boston, already known for its intellectual capital, innovative companies, bold civic vision and an aggressive venture capital mindset is leading the way into one of the most significant business transformations. Research suggests that the growth of the IoT sector will add nearly $2 trillion to the global economy in as little as four years.


The change is likely to be as significant as the Industrial Revolution – reshaping our economy, our culture, our social and civic ethos and our personal lives. It’s going to be big.

These are the things visionaries, innovators and business leaders will be tackling at PTC’s LiveWorx15.

/newsrooms is covering #LiveWorx 2015 in Boston, 4-7 May 2015. Follow the conversation on Twitter using #LiveWorx.

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