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3Keynotes at 1pm-10 centroLI1

/newsrooms is in San Francisco covering #adtechSF. The ad tech space is competitive and it’s getting rougher. While digital ad spends are increasing and digital audiences are growing, the industry is quickly having to make decisions around technology platforms and partnerships.

“Ad tech” refers to technologies and methods used to target ads to audiences across the spectrum of digital platforms, from mobile to television. It is the innovation that connects content, platforms and audiences.

We have two clients at #adtechSF: GoToWebinar and Centro, and both are ranking high in influence and authority right now against hundreds of competing voices in social media. Managing Editors Leigh Doyle and Rob Delaney are focusing on the key insights that publishers, content developers and tech companies need to hone in on, while also framing this conference in the context of a larger discussion around business and innovation.

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Coming out of the first day of the conference, our analytics and insights team has pointed to two important nodes emerging in the social media conversation: hyper-local targeting, and mobile programmatic.

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