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/newsrooms’ Managing Editor, Rob Delaney started his week immersed in “disruption” — the key topic of conversation at the #STORE2015 conference hosted by the Retail Council of Canada.

He then jetted off to Calgary to guide the editorial and coverage team at #KPMGIgnite where the focus is on some other significant disruptions. The downward turn in oil prices has left many energy companies wondering about how to navigate the future. At #KPMGIgnite, leading industry thinkers shared ideas on building agile companies to survive disruption and capitalize on business opportunities.

Shifting gears to be able to tell stories relevant to different social media audiences is essential.

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Sabaa Quao
I am a career entrepreneur, business strategist, and creative director with a passion for emerging platforms in the digital media and marketing space. I believe that creativity is the most valuable resource on the planet. As president and founder of /newsrooms, I am responsible for strategic and creative teams that generate social media content and marketing conversion for companies intent on leading in their business categories.
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