Putting a lens on Twitter’s Periscope

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/newsrooms is constantly looking at how new platforms can help us build social media-driven content for brands. The pace of innovation around apps, tools, and tech ensures there’s always something new on the horizon for us to consider.

We’re often in discussions around how new apps work, what creative opportunities a new platform might provide, and how new approaches might be useful to the companies and brands we work with.

/newsrooms' Justin Reed (r) and Ian Worang (l) Evaluating Periscope.

/newsrooms’ Justin Reed (r) and Ian Worang (l) Evaluating Periscope.

That’s how this piece came about. I arrived at the office and found myself in the middle of a discussion around Twitter’s live streaming app, Periscope. Justin Reed, on our data and analytics team, was intrigued by how easily you can take the audience inside an event, see people’s reaction in real time and see that flurry of comments when something resonates – or doesn’t.

Regardless of how much buzz there is around a new social media tool, however; assessing its use can’t be cursory. Many brands operate under a glare of social media and legal scrutiny. So what may be appealing to an individual user may be risky for a brand. Live streaming puts people on the spot when they’re not prepared, or even aware, and that presents privacy risks and compliance issues.

With Periscope and similar platforms such as Meerkat, in particular, issues around privacy and copyright can’t be overlooked. These obstacles shouldn’t kill innovation when it comes to content creation for brands, so we’re working through the implications of these new tools.

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Sabaa Quao
I am a career entrepreneur, business strategist, and creative director with a passion for emerging platforms in the digital media and marketing space. I believe that creativity is the most valuable resource on the planet. As president and founder of /newsrooms, I am responsible for strategic and creative teams that generate social media content and marketing conversion for companies intent on leading in their business categories.
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