Testing Cinemagraphs

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Flixel FB Image


/newsrooms is constantly experimenting with tools and approaches to tell compelling stories on social media. Right now we’re excited about cinemagraphs. A blend of video and still photography, cinemagraphs give the illusion of motion with the contrast of a static frame.

Journalism Cinemagraph

According to Flixel, the makers of Cinemagraph Pro, cinemagraphs get viewed, on average, for seven seconds, compared to just one second for a still image. Our data team is testing and tracking the results of these cinemagraphs against the claims that they capture the attention of a social media audience for far longer than a static photo.

Paramedic Cinemagraph

We’ve recently used cinemagraphs for Centennial College by showcasing experiential “tours” of specific programs. By capturing some activities students might take part in – whether it’s a paramedic using a blood pressure device, or a journalism student delivering an on-camera performance – these cinemagraphs tell the story of what it’s like to be a Centennial College student, and raise awareness of the high level of education prospective students would receive at the college.

Cinemagraphs can be a powerful and hypnotic tool – earning the attention of the wider social media audience, seven seconds at a time.

Culinary Cinemagraph

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Chris Suppa

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