#InnovTFO and the Future of Education

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Technology has amplified the pace of innovation and business transformation. To stay competitive, governments, post-secondary institutions and educators are focusing on investments to make education more effective.

Ontario’s French broadcaster TFO has taken the lead in advancing the discussion on education and technology. TFO’s Les Tablettistes brings together influential stakeholders looking at technology in education.

/newsrooms will be running live coverage for Les Tablettistes. The intersection of education and technology is an important conversation in social media. Key themes include #edtech, #elearning, and #innovation.

Les Tablettistes Event Promo

Standout thought leaders taking part in this year’s event include former Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin, psychologist Stéphane Bouchard and author Will Richardson. The discussions will push far beyond present paradigms and technology constraints. There will be an exploration of how virtual reality may help kids with learning disabilities. And what about when implanted nanobots become part of a human’s ability to process information and react?

Troy Fullerton is our lead producer on this assignment. Troy is in his element when it comes to the practical and nuanced aspects of education. Troy’s background is e-learning and he brings that subject matter expertise to these kinds of assignments.

Our coverage and continuous content around Les Tablettistes will be delivered in French and English. On February 17, #InnovTFO will be the hashtag to follow for important insights on the future of technology and education.

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Chris Lepik

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