The Enterprise Augmented Reality Revolution Will be Live on Social Media

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Quote by Charlie Ungashick

It’s not often one gets to witness the birth of an entirely new era for an industry. And in fact, the rise of augmented reality in the enterprise will bring with it new developments in several industries, from manufacturing, to health care, retail and law enforcement.

Recently, /newsrooms deployed a coverage team to Boston to cover 2016’s first major event in the enterprise #AR space – #ThingEvent. Hosted by PTC, #ThingEvent brought together executives, engineers, developers and teams of people who are using technologies and platforms like Vuforia to build a new breed of products shaped by data and augmented reality.

Covering events of this scale are intense endeavors. When we go live at an event, our teams create content in multiple geographies in real-time. At #ThingEvent, this included content in different languages such as Chinese and Italian.

In Boston our writers, editors and producers covered the business story, the tech story, the issues for developers, the topical points for enterprise marketers, the executive perspective and the engineering perspective.

In 2015, we deployed teams to cover dozens of events across North America, generating thousands of interactions across multiple industries.

We’re just at the start of 2016 and already we’re seeing /newsrooms content reach a sizeable and influential audience interested in how the #IoT and augmented reality are transforming the enterprise sector.

So stay tuned. The enterprise augmented reality revolution will be live on social media.

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Chris Hogg

Chris Hogg

Vice President, Content & Coverage at /newsrooms
Chris is the Co-Founder and Vice President of Content & Coverage at /newsrooms where he is responsible for strategic and publishing teams who build content marketing and live event coverage for brands. Chris is an entrepreneur with more than a decade of experience in digital media, social media and broadcasting. He has a deep passion for innovation and disruptive, high-growth businesses where technology and digital media intersect.
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