The Next Revolution: “IoT” and AR in the Enterprise

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Another industrial revolution is underway. As the Internet of Things starts to drive manufacturing enterprises, the production of a “thing” no longer stops at the end of the assembly line. Companies now make devices that can change throughout their life cycles.

The IoT blurs the lines between product, service and data, a phenomenon with powerful potential for the enterprise sector and one that /newsrooms is watching closely.

Products used to be designed based on a limited amount of fixed data compiled during a fixed period. Factories were calibrated to produce those things, which ended up trashed or decommissioned because of disrepair or obsolescence. Now products can repair themselves and adapt to changing usage demands because they’re connected to cloud-based data platforms.

Another important component of the growing Internet of Things: the application of augmented reality, or AR, which is becoming widely adopted at the consumer level. At the enterprise level, augmented reality creates a digital overlay for product designers, technicians and end users that reveals what’s going on with the product throughout its life cycle. This allows manufacturers to speed up the servicing of products and even guide end users to make changes themselves.

Boston-based PTC has transformed itself into a company at the forefront of IoT for the enterprise and is developing AR applications to make the transition easier for other organizations. At the company’s ThingEvent in Boston, /newsrooms interviewed CEO and thought leader Jim Heppelmann, who has written about the IoT for Harvard Business Review.

Heppelmann says IoT and augmented reality are forces of profound transformation in the enterprise sector. Everything will change, he says, from product design to the competitive attributes of companies. Putting AR together with IoT “is causing us to step back and take a fresh look at things.”

Discussion of the Internet of Things and augmented reality is becoming increasingly important in social media. Chris Hogg, vice-president of content and coverage at /newsrooms, says the conversation related to the enterprise sector has tipped into being substantial. /newsrooms intends to be part of it and will profile the transformation that PTC is spearheading.

Follow for more on IoT for the enterprise, and stay tuned to us for more insights into what’s ahead for business and enterprise.

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Robert Delaney

Robert Delaney

Robert Delaney is VP Managing Editor at /newsrooms. He has worked for financial news networks including Bloomberg News and Dow Jones in Asia and North America. He has also done graduate research in communications and international relations. Robert is a big fan of all of the folks at /newsrooms, who have helped him understand how to apply the standards of academic research and financial news to social media.
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