The Next Revolution: “IoT” and AR in the Enterprise

Man Wearing Virtual Reality Headset

Another industrial revolution is underway. As the Internet of Things starts to drive manufacturing enterprises, the production of a “thing” no longer stops at the end of the assembly line. Companies now make devices that can change throughout their life cycles. The IoT blurs the lines between product, service and data, a phenomenon with powerful […]

Star Wars Revenue: Disney’s New Hope

Rob Delaney with Newsrooms

Updated 21Jan16 Disney’s ESPN faces another challenge, and this time it’s not cord cutting. Facebook is moving into sports content. According to re/code, Facebook users will be able to get “play-by-play updates, live stats and expert commentary … all inside of Facebook.” This social media sports content can only put more pressure on ESPN, which […]

Marketers realize content marketing is a continuous effort

The New Year ushered in the usual slew of “lookahead” insights for the content marketing industry. Unfortunately, nothing was particularly fresh or surprising, (except that the “dipshits” identified brilliantly in this year-old piece from Vice are still around). Among the outpourings of wisdom that I came across was a piece of intelligence that’s worth surfacing […]