Millennials and Cars

Hillary Doyle with /newsrooms

Millennials share cars, they don’t buy them. True or false? /newsrooms correspondent Hilary Doyle gets into the numbers and facts at #CIAS2016. You may be surprised how this next generation is flexing its purchasing power. Sharing’s good for cookies, not so much for cars. Watch the video.

Building Authority for Brands in Regulated Industries Using Social Media

Man speaks into camera on a street in downtown Manhattan

#Risk. #Compliance. #Privacy. Regulation. Data protection. #B2B brands still worry a lot about the content on their social media channels. On top of these considerations is the perception that social media isn’t an ideal platform for engaging in serious conversations. Smart brands are pushing aside these misperceptions. In the last two years, /newsrooms has worked […]

Putting a lens on Twitter’s Periscope

Periscope on iPhone

/newsrooms is constantly looking at how new platforms can help us build social media-driven content for brands. The pace of innovation around apps, tools, and tech ensures there’s always something new on the horizon for us to consider. We’re often in discussions around how new apps work, what creative opportunities a new platform might provide, […]


/newsrooms’ Managing Editor, Rob Delaney started his week immersed in “disruption” — the key topic of conversation at the #STORE2015 conference hosted by the Retail Council of Canada. He then jetted off to Calgary to guide the editorial and coverage team at #KPMGIgnite where the focus is on some other significant disruptions. The downward turn […]

horror vacui: (from Latin “fear of empty space”)

The 24-hour news cycle created a vacuum. In physics, horror vacui (more commonly stated as ‘Nature abhors a vacuum.’), which helps to explain why we’re seeing so much non-news from broadcast and cable news outlets. Ottawa high school students to be breathalyzed at prom; Dead whales may explode; IKEA giving out lint rollers before Raptors […]

Expressly Built for Brands

The opportunity for brands to engage with existing and prospective customers has never been better. We launched /newsrooms in 2012 with the specific goal of helping brands act on this opportunity and develop a true advantage through content, coverage and conversion. /newsrooms is built around combined expertise in marketing, news coverage and publishing. We build […]

Welcome to the content arms race

24hrs. Multiple time zones. Permanent beta. FIGHT OR FLEE? CNN revolutionized news coverage in 1980 by drawing the world into the flow of a 24-hour news cycle. This has reshaped our understanding, consumption and continuous connection to media and content. The Internet blossomed about a decade later, followed by the rise of social media. Suddenly […]

Why real-time marketing
will be essential as social analytics improve

A new report from eMarketer stresses the need for real-time marketing, across various industries. The report says Cisco, Dell, Discovery Communications, H&R Block, McDonald’s, SAP, Sprint Nextel “are rapidly creating content that drives more response and engagement, making on-the-fly changes to marketing plans and developing marketing initiatives around topics and events that are trending on social media.” […]