Putting a lens on Twitter’s Periscope

Periscope on iPhone

/newsrooms is constantly looking at how new platforms can help us build social media-driven content for brands. The pace of innovation around apps, tools, and tech ensures there’s always something new on the horizon for us to consider. We’re often in discussions around how new apps work, what creative opportunities a new platform might provide, […]


/newsrooms’ Managing Editor, Rob Delaney started his week immersed in “disruption” — the key topic of conversation at the #STORE2015 conference hosted by the Retail Council of Canada. He then jetted off to Calgary to guide the editorial and coverage team at #KPMGIgnite where the focus is on some other significant disruptions. The downward turn […]

Storytelling meets analytics at #MRIA15

This year’s Market Research and Intelligence Association (MRIA) conference in Toronto focused on storytelling, especially for analysts who were urged to think about how data and insights are presented to others. As director of analytics and insights for /newsrooms, I wanted to leave the event with an idea that could benefit everyone. What I noticed, […]

Live coverage at #adtechSF


  /newsrooms is in San Francisco covering #adtechSF. The ad tech space is competitive and it’s getting rougher. While digital ad spends are increasing and digital audiences are growing, the industry is quickly having to make decisions around technology platforms and partnerships. “Ad tech” refers to technologies and methods used to target ads to audiences across […]

Story meetings


/newsrooms’ story meetings are intense discussions. Everyone has to show up prepared. This is where subject matter expertise collides with data, which then must co-exist under the umbrella of a creative, organizing idea. The process is very similar to what you would encounter if you got access to an editorial meeting at the BBC, Bloomberg, […]

Oculus Rift and the Future of Content Marketing

Selin Sheppard

Every journalist and content creator should be assessing emerging technologies. Technology now affects how we tell stories and we’re about to cross new thresholds that will allow us to engage audiences in unique ways. Virtual reality (VR) is one of those technologies and thanks to platforms like Oculus Rift, the visions of VR pioneers like […]

Marketers realize content marketing is a continuous effort

The New Year ushered in the usual slew of “lookahead” insights for the content marketing industry. Unfortunately, nothing was particularly fresh or surprising, (except that the “dipshits” identified brilliantly in this year-old piece from Vice are still around). Among the outpourings of wisdom that I came across was a piece of intelligence that’s worth surfacing […]