Why real-time marketing
will be essential as social analytics improve

A new report from eMarketer stresses the need for real-time marketing, across various industries. The report says Cisco, Dell, Discovery Communications, H&R Block, McDonald’s, SAP, Sprint Nextel “are rapidly creating content that drives more response and engagement, making on-the-fly changes to marketing plans and developing marketing initiatives around topics and events that are trending on social media.” […]

Brands need a new type of newsroom

This article originally appeared as a guest post on Digiday. Brands need newsrooms. But before we can agree or disagree on that statement we need to think differently about the definition of a brand newsroom. Much of the recent discussion suggests a brand newsroom is a place in which real-time marketing emerges during events; we […]

Time for brands to pounce on real-time marketing

Brands are racing to adapt to social media’s new shift in terrain. It’s not enough to react the next day to breaking news and trends. The savviest brands will pounce on opportunity minutes after a momentous event rockets across the world — from Oreo’s response to the Super Bowl power outage, to Pepsi jumping up […]

Open Research: How Complex Companies Scale Social Business

Social media is powerful but it can be quite complex for companies looking to leverage it at scale. For CMOs, marketing execs and organizations looking to understand what works and what doesn’t, a useful resource is the open research paper embedded below. Jeremiah Owyang and Andrew Jones of Altimeter Group, say, “The interesting thing about this research […]

Top 10 predictions for what Chief Marketing Officers need to do in 2013

Shifting to a mobile-first strategy. Making sure older CRM systems are replaced. Ensuring half of all marketing hires will require technical backgrounds. These are some of the predictions IDC laid out in a new report during its webinar 2013 Chief Marketing Officer Predictions: Today’s CMO Becomes Master of Data. “The challenge for the CMO is […]

mesh partners with /newsrooms to provide event coverage & real-time content marketing for brands

mesh, Canada’s leading digital conference, and Digital Journal Inc. today announced a partnership to provide a newsroom for the 2013 mesh conference, which happens May 15 and 16 in Toronto.  mesh will leverage Digital Journal’s /newsrooms platform to provide real-time content and coverage for mesh13 attendees and sponsors. Focused on how the Web is evolving, […]

Why brands are embracing content marketing [Infographic]

Why should brands turn to content marketing? What makes branded content more appealing to consumers than traditional advertising? Are marketing budgets growing? These answers, and many more, are answered in this data-heavy infographic from Marketo. Content marketing continues to be a growing trend for brands and marketers looking to engage consumers in a more meaningful […]

Why content matters for SEO [Infographic]


If you’ve ever wondered how content can boost a brand’s SEO value, look no further than this infographic courtesy of Brafton. As marketers roll out their content marketing strategies this year there is a lot to consider: major search engines now use social media activity as signals when ranking content; Google’s Panda algorithm will either […]