The Next Revolution: “IoT” and AR in the Enterprise

Man Wearing Virtual Reality Headset

Another industrial revolution is underway. As the Internet of Things starts to drive manufacturing enterprises, the production of a “thing” no longer stops at the end of the assembly line. Companies now make devices that can change throughout their life cycles. The IoT blurs the lines between product, service and data, a phenomenon with powerful […]

#InnovTFO and the Future of Education


Technology has amplified the pace of innovation and business transformation. To stay competitive, governments, post-secondary institutions and educators are focusing on investments to make education more effective. Ontario’s French broadcaster TFO has taken the lead in advancing the discussion on education and technology. TFO’s Les Tablettistes brings together influential stakeholders looking at technology in education. […]

The Enterprise Augmented Reality Revolution Will be Live on Social Media

Women at ThingEvent Wearing VR Headset

It’s not often one gets to witness the birth of an entirely new era for an industry. And in fact, the rise of augmented reality in the enterprise will bring with it new developments in several industries, from manufacturing, to health care, retail and law enforcement. Recently, /newsrooms deployed a coverage team to Boston to […]

Story meetings


/newsrooms’ story meetings are intense discussions. Everyone has to show up prepared. This is where subject matter expertise collides with data, which then must co-exist under the umbrella of a creative, organizing idea. The process is very similar to what you would encounter if you got access to an editorial meeting at the BBC, Bloomberg, […]

horror vacui: (from Latin “fear of empty space”)

The 24-hour news cycle created a vacuum. In physics, horror vacui (more commonly stated as ‘Nature abhors a vacuum.’), which helps to explain why we’re seeing so much non-news from broadcast and cable news outlets. Ottawa high school students to be breathalyzed at prom; Dead whales may explode; IKEA giving out lint rollers before Raptors […]

Expressly Built for Brands

The opportunity for brands to engage with existing and prospective customers has never been better. We launched /newsrooms in 2012 with the specific goal of helping brands act on this opportunity and develop a true advantage through content, coverage and conversion. /newsrooms is built around combined expertise in marketing, news coverage and publishing. We build […]