Want continuous coverage on social media? You need our network.

The pace of social media is frenetic.

It. Never. Stops.

So why should your brand?

/newsrooms is built as a network for a specific reason: we think it’s the best way to meet the pressure of continuous content creation and social media marketing for brands.

Our team of journalists and subject matters experts work with data analysts to create content in multiple industries, segment and package it for different audiences and distribute it through social media networks.

Premium brands like KPMG, Suncor, GoToMeeting and TD Canada collaborate with /newsrooms in order to sustain their continuous marketing efforts:

  • Continuous brand presence on various social networks
  • Quick response times from a team of editorial, content marketing, and social media experts
  • Insights you can use for making informed marketing decisions

We have experience working with clients in B2B, highly-regulated and professional service industries – from financial services to energy and mining to consulting services – and a range of consumer brands.

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