Content is currency

It’s the exchange that connects brands with consumers and the driving force of social media. #ContentMarketing #SocialMedia

Content & social media

The days of the one-person community manager are over. Moving pieces moving quickly is the status quo. /newsrooms’ journalists, managing editors, creative producers and developers enable us to provide brands with content to feed their social media channels and engage target audiences. Our business is built around experience with real-time publishing and breaking news, and we provide your brand with the infrastructure you’d expect of a modern media network.

Editorial expertise

We match subject matter experts with a brand’s publishing and broadcasting needs. We blend the storytelling and audience-growing skill of journalists with the commercial inclination of marketers. High-quality, relevant and timely content is designed to grow audience, boost engagement and drive conversions or transactions.

What’s important to audiences in New York right now? How does that differ from Toronto, London or Barcelona?

We create content to drive engagement but we’ll also respond to subjects or influencers who are driving the most engagement. Content that is relevant right now is often the most valuable content of all.