Conversion is everything

What’s the ROI on social media? That’s the big purple digital elephant in the room. From changing opinions to enabling transactions, /newsrooms tests and creates social media-driven business opportunities. #ROI #Growth

Conversions & transactions

At the end of the day every brand must hit business, sales and growth targets. While many “social media and content solutions” promise to be a silver bullet that delivers immediate ROI from social media, we know it’s way more complex than that. We know that real conversions happen when you test, respond to real-time data and audience engagement, and establish a methodology to repeat success. “Going viral” is great, but what happens after you have all those fans and followers? How does your subscriber base become a customer base?

Insights & analytics

Metrics are central to everything that happens in the world of social and digital media, but as your brand starts to measure data it’s easy to be quickly overloaded. What do the numbers mean? What do you learn from the number of retweets or Facebook shares your brand received? How do you leverage the insights that come from how your audience engages with your brand? Numbers matter, but we go beyond the stat or impression count to give you context and meaning. Understanding what your audience responds to facilitates conversions and transactions and positions your brand to start to see ROI from social media.