Coverage is essential

The real-time connection between a brand and its audience is most intense and valuable during an event. Our journalists, creative producers & subject matter experts are the newsroom for your brand. With tens of thousands of international contributors in our network, we help your brand match the pace of the 24hr social media news cycle. #BreakingNews #Trending

Live Events & command centres

We deploy content creators to cover events like CNN would cover breaking news. Our network of editors, marketers, analysts and social media teams create content, measure its reach and impact, and then respond to real-time audience engagement.

Multimedia across multiple platforms

We create content across multiple digital platforms and social media destinations. We provide brands with text, photos and video coverage to ensure there is always the right multimedia mix to reach and grow an audience, around the clock. Our coverage is designed from day 1 to be social, giving your brand coverage across blogs, microsites, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram or the next big thing.